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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've seen many posts from Adventists about how it's offensive when we say things against Adventism (even if it's doctrine we're discussing). In fact, that's why I started this separate page - so as to offend less people. But this is another area where there's a big double standard. Here are a few things that I find offensive:

  • I'm offended that Adventism teaches I'm lost since I left the SDA church
  • I'm offended that Adventism teaches those who worship God on Sunday are Babylon or the daughters of Babylon and are being led by Satan
  • I'm offended that Adventism teaches that those who don't believe Jesus moved from the Holy Place into the Most Holy Place in 1844 are praying to the wrong room and Satan is answering their prayers
  • I'm offended that Adventism teaches that I'm lost because I worship God on the "wrong" day
  • I'm offended that my friends refuse to discuss religion with me (mind you, they freely talk about their beliefs but they don't want to hear mine)
  • I'm sure that Catholics are offended by what Adventism teaches about the Catholic Church!
And yet if we share our beliefs and point out why Adventism is wrong (not out of anger or spite, but in an effort to help others), we are told not to offend. When an Adventist points out doctrinal faults in other churches (and believe me, this happens a lot!), they are doing so "out of love", but when we point out doctrinal faults in the Adventist church we are accused of being bitter and offensive.

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