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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My questions for Adventists regarding the Sabbath

I have multiple blogs on the Sabbath. Check this one out first or else your "answers" will not actually answer my questions.!/note.php?note_id=198283836850386

Here are some questions I have for my Adventist friends regarding the Sabbath -
  • Why do you put the Sabbath at Creation when (1) the first Sabbath is not mentioned until Ex. 16, (2) the Bible places the giving of the Sabbath to Mt. Sinai and calls it the sign of the old covenant (Ex. 20, ) (3) there is no record of anyone from Adam to before Moses keeping the Sabbath?
  • If Is. 66:23 (the key text in Adventism for saying we will keep the Sabbath in heaven) "proves" that Sabbath is eternal and will be kept in heaven, why does it not also "prove" the New Moon must be kept as well?
  • With all the focus on Sabbath-keeping in the Adventism, why are the specifics on how to keep the Sabbath both in the Bible and in the writings of EGW ignored or glossed over?Why are the specific instructions regarding Sabbath-keeping (not leaving your home, not lighting a fire, not preparing food, not shaving, laying out your clothes the day before, not traveling, etc.) as well as the penalty for breaking the Sabbath (death) ignored?
  • How does a person "keep" the Sabbath? If this is going to be THE final end-time issue, how does someone properly "keep" the Sabbath, especially if you don't follow the Biblical or EGW guidelines?
  • Although everyone seems to have a different idea on the specifics of Sabbath-keeping, one thing that is consistent is that everyone agrees you must go to church on Sabbath. Where is that found in the Bible?
  • Where does the Bible say that the Sabbath is God's seal? What about the verses that tell us we are sealed with the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 1:22, Eph. 4:30)?
  • If this is really the whole issue in the end-time, why is it not crystal-clear? Why is it only "proved" in Adventism by using a bunch of random, vague, not-connected verses that are taken completely out of context?
  • I never thought about it in Adventism, but according to SDA belief the end time issue will be Sunday vs. Sabbath. So do you believe at that point EVERYONE will worship God, just on Sunday or Sabbath? What about atheists, agnostics, Muslims? What about Jews? If they are worshipping on the "right" day, does that mean they are safe? And again, how is it enforced? Are they going to have people checking to make sure all 7 billion people are in church on the right day (whether that be Sabbath or Sunday)? Are they watching your activities all day to make sure you are not "breaking" a day? Or is it enough to just show up in church? If that's the case, all Adventists would have to is go to church twice a week to be "safe". :) Sorry - I don't mean to sound condescending, and I used to believe these, too, so I can admit the absurdity of them now.

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